Those who love spicy food is familiar with cayenne. It is an active ingredient in medicine, ointment, creams and patches that can cure arthritis and muscle pain. This is also being used to treat shingles and nerve pain due to diabetes. Cayenne can act as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. You can sprinkle this spice into your chicken to kick its traditional cold remedy powers. The spice can shrink the blood vessels in the nose and throat area. This spice can speed up the metabolism. Researchers also found out that people who suffers diabetes can benefit from cayenne because it reduces blood sugar.



It is one of the most popular ingredients when cooking.  Favorite dishes will not be complete without this. Those who consume high amount of garlic have lower risk of cancer. Based on clinical trials, those people with colon tumor and took garlic extracts supplements for a year, see a reduction of tumor and cancer growth. Garlic also contains 70 active phytochemicals that can decrease high blood pressure. This herb can prevent stroke and vein blockages. To maximize its benefits, one should take it raw. 5 cloves of garlic is enough to prevent cardiovascular and cancer problems.

St. John’s Wort


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This herb is popular for relieving mild to moderate depression and anxiety. According to experts, it is much more effective compared to other drugs. Most people opt for this because it doesn’t have side effects. If you have problems sleeping, you will find help with this herb. It contains melatonin which can regulate sleep and wake cycles. It is said to increase body’s melatonin thus one can have a good snooze after taking St John’s wort. Although this is the case, it is best to check with your doctor because this is said to interact negatively with other drugs.



This is not just for yummy pesto sauce. It is very effective to reduce stress by increasing one’s adrenaline and decreasing serotonin. Your grandmother might relied on basil tea to relieve indigestion and headaches. According to lab tests done on mice with tumor, it can stop the growth of tumor by reducing blood supply and stopping its spread. If you want to relief stress, there are basil extract that you can take. Those who are suffering from breast cancer, having basil tea daily can help in the cancer treatment but it is best to check with the doctor.



Rosemary is popular herb for those who love to grill meat. Aside from the distinct flavor it gives, rosemary can prevent carcinogens from binding into DNA which is the first step in the formation of tumor. More studies are being done on this herb especially in its potential to protect the body from cancer or tumors. In order to reduce the carcinogens on the meat, you should marinate it with spices like rosemary. Also combine it with other spices like basil, garlic, onion, parsley and thyme.



Curry is a favorite dish in eastern part of the world. There is more to it than its delicious taste. The dish has huge helping of turmeric and curcumin that can relieve pain caused by arthritis. The two elements works like a Coz 2 inhibitors which is a drug that reduces that cox 2 enzyme which is said to be the culprit of pain and swelling in arthritis. Turmeric can also prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  To maximize its benefits, experts recommend adding this to your cooking whenever possible. 400 mg of these herbs daily is the best way to go.



Ginseng is normally grown in the forests and  takes five years for the herb to reach its maturity. The plant is featuring green leaves, flowers and berries. Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal plant around the world. It is being used to cure certain disease. This is due to the fact that it stimulates the immune system and it can also increase one’s energy levels. People also drink ginseng to lower down sugar in the blood as well as cholesterol. The most popular form of ginseng is tea.



Ginger is a popular herb. Its underground stem is used to spice up our food. Aside from this, ginger is considered as a medicine. One can used it fresh, dried, powdered or turned into liquid. There are various types of health problems that can be cured by Ginger. This includes nausea, diarrhea, colic, loss of appetite, arthritis, menstrual pain, cough, chest pain, lower back pain among others. Some people pour fresh ginger juice over burns. The oil from ginger can also help to relieve pain. This herb have chemical elements that can reduce inflammation and nausea.

Rose Petals

rose petals

Roses are red and truly a helpful home cure. Did you know that its petal oil can help women issues? The petal preserves of the flower can reduce irritability and menstrual cramps.  These are the common symptoms of PMS. By inhaling it from a diffuser, the rose oil can be used to soothe ailments like allergies and asthma. It can also help in calming anger and lessen depression. Other people use this for their headache. Rose oil can also minimize feelings related to resentment, jealousy and grief. Have a handy rose oil in your purse.

Lemon Balm

lemon balm

This green plant makes a nice patch in the garden area. It is very calming and uplifting. The oil and bitters of its fragrant leaves and flowers have a relaxing effect on the stomach as well as the nervous system. Lemon balms are made into cream. This is very effective in fighting off viruses like herpes. The result is due to the study made around this herbal plant. The leaves are very tasty and has a gently flavor. It is even great for children especially when added in tea and other mixtures. This plant is best to grow in the garden. Take note that the dried herb effectiveness can only last half a year.